Thursday, May 31, 2012

IMP-00038: Could not convert to environment character set's handle

Check character set of Database which export dump file has been already taken.

You check the character set with below query.

select * from v$nls_parameters where parameter in ('NLS_CHARACTERSET','NLS_LANGUAGE');

Also check the character set of DB which needs to be imported.

Check whether the characterset conversion is possible or not.

Sometimes a corrupted dumpfile cause this error.Suppose if you are trying to import using IMP from a EXPDP(Data pump Export)dumpfile Cause this error .



  1. Sometimes, it can be caused by a wrong ORACLE_HOME. Mine was pointing on xxxxx/client_1 and imp was in xxxxx/dbhome_1 so I went into xxx/dbhome_1/bin and I run import from this place.

  2. For me it was import command issue.
    impdp instead of imp worked for me. I lately realized that dump was exported using EXPDP