Friday, September 16, 2011

Private_strands at log switch in alert log

Private_strands at log switch in alert log:

You can see above message in alert log with log switch information.

A "strand" is new terminology for 10g and it deals with latches for redo .

Strands are a mechanism to allow multiple allocation latches for processes to write redo more efficiently in the redo buffer and is related to the log_parallelism parameter present in 9i.

The concept of a strand is to ensure that the redo generation rate for an instance is optimal and that when there is some kind of redo contention then the number of strands is dynamically adjusted to compensate.

The initial allocation for the number of strands depends on the number of CPU’s and is started with 2 strands with one strand for active redo generation.

You Can see more about on metalink.


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